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Information of FNS of Russia "On check data in EGRYuL"

Became effective the order of FNS of Russia of February 11, 2016 of N MMB-7-14/72 @ which regulates actions for check of reliability of the data included or already containing in EGRYuL, and also the order of use of results of these actions.
The same order approves the form of written objection of the interested person of rather forthcoming state registration, and also the application form of physical person of unauthenticity of data on him in the register.
For example, if the interested person directs written objection of rather forthcoming state registration of changes in the company charter, it will become the basis for check and, perhaps, refusal in registration.
If unauthenticity of the data which are already containing in EGRYuL is established, the registering body has the right to make record about unauthenticity, thereby informing on it interested persons.
Application of this document will allow to increase quality and accuracy of the information in EGRYuL. Thus, business will receive the effective tool for work with partners that will improve the investment climate in the country.

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